Own Your Aftermarket

The aftermarket is a revenue leveler

The aftermarket safeguards and evens out your cash flow while acting as a ”revenue leveler” during recessions. During market downturns your customers don’t invest in new machinery but only maintain existing equipment. When you truly own your aftermarket, you can sell seals as essential spare parts continuing profitability regardless of market conditions.

The aftermarket is the most profitable part of business

80% of the total market value is normally derived from spare parts. The margin is significant, at around 4–8 times the purchase price.

The easiest business to win is from your existing customers who have already chosen you as a supplier.

The seal is the number one wear component and will need to be replaced multiple times during the life cycle of the equipment.

How to gain control of your aftermarket revenues

With Roplan as a partner, you get your own engineered seal solution that ensures your products are reliable, cost-efficient, and competitive. Finally, you get a critical component in your equipment that is difficult to pirate, giving you control of your spare parts business. And possibly most important, unlike many mechanical seal manufactures we are fully dedicated to supporting your business by only supplying our OEMs and never going direct to end-users.

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