Shaft seal design factors


When designing a shaft seal, you should consider these five important factors that will influence the final design of the shaft seal:

Engineered seals

1. Equipment type and design

  • The design of your product will greatly impact the ability to provide a self cleaning shaft seal.
  • The design of your product will also affect the heat convection from the shaft seal, and therefore impact the seal life.
  • The environment your products operate in (vibrations etc) affect seal performance.

2. Processed media

  • Viscosity affects lubrication and leakage of shaft seals.
  • The presence of any abrasive particles can be detrimental to involved parts.
  • Media characteristics with regards to health and safety should be considered

3. Application details

  • Applied pressure puts strain on involved parts and adds frictional heat.
  • The temperature of processed media affects the liquid film as well as involved materials.
  • The shaft speed impacts the liquid film as well as frictional heat.

4. Materials of construction

  • Shaft seal materials will affect the function and life of mechanical shaft seals. Therefore it’s important to consider friction, wear and corrosion resistance during seal design.

5. Compliance

  • Legislation, directives, standards, guidelines, etc., may all have to be met.
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