Engineered vs. Catalogue seals

To determine weather you should custom design a mechanical seal for your product and application, or just go for a standard catalogue seal, you need to understand when to use which concept:


When time or resources are limited, it may seem advantageous to use a standard catalog seal. You might be tempted by the promise of better control of upfront capital resources, and even maybe prepared to make product concessions in-house to accommodate said seals. Additionally, for organizations that do not have strong control of their aftermarket sales catalog seals may seem to be their only solution.

However, it is important to consider that the performance of your equipment is only as good as the replacement seal going into it. When companies opt to purchase off-brand seals they often gamble with the overall quality of their equipment. It won’t provide optimal performance and may affect overall equipment reliability. This low-cost strategy can lead to a negative impact on equipment quality that you have no control over and can reflect poorly on your brand. Frequent seal failure may be seen as poor product design, resulting in the loss of future equipment sales.


Roplan offers R&D, engineering, and manufacturing of mechanical seals designed to customer specifications. But, our service doesn’t end when we deliver your mechanical seal. Acting as your company’s seal division you will have access to a partner who has a vested interest in your success.

For more than 40 years we have helped over 120 OEMs with all their mechanical seal related issues. When you develop a new product or improve an existing one, we are there to support your internal development department and ensure the full potential of your products is achieved.

When you choose Roplan, the aftermarket opens up to you. Not only because the seal bears your logo, but also because an engineered seal cannot be replaced by a standard catalog seal due to its advanced capabilities and fit. This leads to a stable revenue stream in times of economic fluctuations. This becomes particularly noticeable during a recession when new equipment sales decline and maintenance contracts grow.

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