Roplan As A Partner

We Offer A Strategic Alliance with Our Customers

At Roplan you become a partner, not a customer. Together we build a lasting value chain built around user needs.
The seals and other related parts we produce, do not carry the Roplan logo. If any, they carry the partner logo. This allows our partners to build value by ensuring the customer always has the best possible experience of the products and has genuine replacement seals readily available.
Over the years we have gained the trust of our partners through excellent service.

Strategic partnership

We create an alliance with our partners, the OEMs, generating a win-win situation through a stronger end-customer offering.

Cost focus and transparency

We engage in more open and transparent strategic dialogue with OEMs to build stronger relationships.

Risk management

We minimize risk in our partners product portfolio through stronger involvement and better understanding of end customer needs, wants and expectations.

Supply and logistic solutions

We collaborate on supply and logistic solutions to delivering the right thing at the right time and in the right way.

Technology and innovation

Our common pool of knowledge and experience creates solution that are reliable, profitable, innovative and sustainable.

Information management

Together with our partners we improve data quality and storage structures, for better control and decision making within both operational and strategic decisions.