Roplan Group Environment And Quality Policy


An increasingly important aspect to consider for any company is the impact we make on our environment. Looking back to the beginnings of our company, it becomes evident that the environment we live in has changed as have our responsibilites towards it.
We take our environmental work very seriously and continuously assess our operation in accordance with the current local standards. Like our customers, we place the same demands on our suppliers to meet environmental legislation and to work actively in this area.
When considering the materials and energy that we use to manufacture your products, we appreciate that these valuable resources are limited. For this reason we recycle raw materials and work actively to reduce unnecessary consumption of all resources used in conducting our daily business.


An essential component of a successful mechanical seal is the quality and efficiency of the production. In our experience, manufacturing competence is just as important as design expertise, when it comes to precision engineering. For this reason we perform the most critical machining and assembly in-house, achieving the high standards required through our highly capable and skilled workforce.
At our production facilities we continuously invest in advanced machinery and processes to ensure that these high standards are maintained. The challenge lies in the diversity of the mechanical seal solutions we produce, being tailored to each project and customer.
Having several manufacturing facilities and carefully selected suppliers provides flexibility and ensures that we always will deliver as expected by you.

Proactive Management Systems