Pump Applications

Mechanical Seals In Pumps

Reliability, fully traceable and easy maintenance. These are the qualities we aim for when developing mechanical sealing solutions for pump applications.

Roplan develops mechanical sealing solutions for all types of rotary centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for a range of industrial applications. These include chemical, environmental, food and beverage, pulp & paper, mining, marine and biopharmeceuticals. We carry out our work in compliance with the most stringent design standards, such as EHEDG and ASME-BPE guidelines.

Our seals are developed in close cooperation with the industry to suit both DIN standard pumps as well as fully customized designs. We understand the needs of reliable seals as well as the focus on cost efficiency. We have active partnerships with companies such as Colfax (IMO), Grundfos and Metso.

When it comes to critical hygienic demands of the food & beverage industry, Roplan seals meet the strictest hygiene requirements of the EHEDG (European Hygienic) Equipment Design Group), USP class VI, 3A as well as the FDA regulations. We are in continual cooperation with the certification institutions, TNO Nutrition and Food Research in the Netherlands and CCFRA (Campden & Chorleywood) Food Research Association Group) in the UK. We are also partners to well-known companies such as the Alfa Laval Group, Xylem, SPX (APV) and IDEX.

Working Together With Roplan

Erosion and clogging in china clay pumps

A customer specialized in the manufacture of pumps for china clay was suffering from short life time of the shaft seals, down to a few weeks. End users were not happy with the situation suffering from both down time and costs. After an analysis…

Mechanical seals being clogged up with bentonite residues

End users was facing issues with the mechanical seals being clogged up with bentonite residues being dissolved in the water being pumped. A Roplan design using a rubber protective guard with a maintained double balancing ensures the proper operation…

Twin screw pumps (TSP) modified to meet EHEDG test

Twin screw pumps (TSP) are a challenge due to low speed pattern around the shaft seals. This in turn puts high requirements on shaft seal design and commonly moulded elastomers are required to ensure clean in place (CIP) procedures are successful.…