Propulsion Applications

Mechanical Seals In Pod, Propeller And Water Jet Applications

Reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Features that we aim for when developing mechanical sealing solutions for marine applications. Roplan develops mechanical sealing solutions for commercial and naval marine applications such as pumps and propulsion units (e.g. water jets, propellers, etc.).

The marine industry places extreme demands on operational accessibility and durability. Designs in many cases must take into account large axial deflections, enormous forces, vibrations and even small debris act on the seal while maintaining compliance with classification requirements such as Bureau Veritas.

We are partners to Rolls-Royce, a leading name in marine propulsion systems.

Working Together With Roplan

Competence partner in customer unique Pod propulsion system

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Due to changes is environmental regulations and performance expectations the customer needed to quickly develop a new Pod propulsion system. In additional to design changes many of the existing components, including the labyrinth lip seal with…

Custom Mechanical Seal required due to propulsion vibrations

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Vibration levels in propulsion units can be extreme and the mechanical seals needs to be designed to handle these. A customer had end-users facing extensive wear of seal parts and as such premature failure occurred. The application was analysed…