Our Policies

Code Of Conduct and policies at Roplan

Code of Conduct

Roplan’s Code of Conduct describes Roplan’s company values and what is considered ethical business practices. The Code of Conduct also includes Roplan’s Whistleblowing policy.
“In Roplan we compete fiercely in order to achieve business success, but we are also very concious that we achieve those results within the highest standard of integrity. We compete in the Marketplace based on the quality and strength of our brand, and all Roplan employees shall act in accordance with our Code of Conduct to protect this – ensuring we always do the right thing”

Peter Schmid, CEO

Equal Treatment policy

Roplan’s policy for Equal Treatment consists of general guidelines explaining the basis for equal treatment at Roplan, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, creed or sexual orientation.

Health and Safety policy

Roplan is committed to provide a working environment that is safe and healthy for all its employees, partners and others.

Environment And Quality Policy

Roplan’s priority is to provide a safe working environment for all employees and any customer coming into contact or using Roplan products. Customers are understood to be both external and internal customers, i.e. the next person in the production chain, be it the person in the lapping room, the customer’s goods receiving department or the customer’s purchasing department.

Roplan shall deliver the right quality at the right time to all customers.

The company shall strive to achieve zero defects. For Roplan zero defects means that we shall only deliver products and services to subsequent operations and to the end customer which have fulfilled the applicable specifications in all respects.

Roplan considers Health & Safety, quality and environmental issues to be an individual responsibility and that all employees must carry their individual share of the responsibility. Roplan publish this Policy in the knowledge that the quality of Roplans’ service and good name depends on the everyday actions of those in its employ.

To ensure we meet our customer, regulatory, legal and corporate policy requirements, the Management of Roplan commit to the system as defined in the Manual as being a representation of our Company Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy and will strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our combined Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management System. The company policy shall be evaluated annually and revised if necessary. The clear objective is to continually improve our quality, to reduce our impact on the environment and to ensure the Health & safety of our employees and others affected by our work activities. This is achieved, for example, by:

  • Continuously increasing the competence of the personnel
  • Prioritisation of preventative actions
  • Analysis of deviations and corrective actions in relation to the set objectives
  • Integrating the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into our decision making and activities
  • Continually reduce the raw material usage, energy usage, waste generation and avoiding pollution in all its forms
  • The prevention of injury or ill health to our employees and others, and to continually improve in our health and safety management arrangements, performance and safety culture