Food And Beverages Industry

Mechanical Seals For Applications In The Food And Beverages Industry

Food and beverage are essential for all humans and the industry are facing more and more regulations to ensure food safety. Since 1980 Roplan have been working with some of the larger original equipment manufacturers (OEM) within the food industry and developed a wide range of mechanical seals for different equipment and applications meeting the requirements set to materials, design and performance. For us, it is important to be part of industry standard committees such as 3A and EHEDG.

Working Together With Roplan

Material upgrade due to compliance requirements

The customer was requesting a mechanical seal having the involved materials to comply with WRAS but with a maintained cost structure as present solution used. Working together with our suppliers we were able to present a solution that was meeting…

Twin screw pumps (TSP) modified to meet EHEDG test

Twin screw pumps (TSP) are a challenge due to low speed pattern around the shaft seals. This in turn puts high requirements on shaft seal design and commonly moulded elastomers are required to ensure clean in place (CIP) procedures are successful.…