The Company

Specialists In Custom Mechanical Seals

Roplan designs, develops and manufactures mechanical shaft seals for rotating machinery. The Company, which was founded in 1977, was acquired by the Nordic private-Equity Company FSN in 2015. Roplan has a turnover of about Euro 30 million, a good profitability and some 150 employees. The Company is global with its headquaters in Tumba, just South of Stockholm, Sweden, and has subsidiaries in UK, Germany, USA and China.

Roplan is one of the leading suppliers of Mechanical Seals to demanding Producers of Equipment and Machines with Rotating Shafts, all over the World. Highly specialized in customized design, Roplan can offer sealing solutions to virtually any application. As global mechanical shaft sealing experts, Roplan is able to apply methods and experience to high-performance pumps, mixers, compressors and propulsion systems in many industries such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals/Biotech, Marine, Chemical, Wastewater & Water treatment, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Construction, Power Generation and Refrigeration.


We are the best Partner for the best Clients


– Roplan design customized and standard mechanical sealing solutions for OEM’s of rotating Equipment.
– Our business only works if we can deliver quality in all we do, technology/innovation and generate a win/win situation with our customers.
– With 40 years’ experience in the mechanical seal industry we develop solutions that are reliable, profitable, innovative and sustainable.
– We conduct our business in an ethical way that considers our customers, suppliers, employees and the Environment, while optimizing results to our stakeholders.