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Research and Development

R&D responsive to your needs

Roplan Development Center AB RDC is the technical department of Roplan and is divided into two units - Base Technology and Design.

Both units work in close cooperation with our customers, providing deep understanding of the applications and providing optimal technical solutions. Together we are your ultimate technical resource for mechanical seals.

Design and engineering work is carried out in project form in accordance with ISO9001 in order to effectively meet your requirements. Our design criteria are continuously updated as we review input from the applications and laboratory verifications.

Routines and documents follow the spirit of "servicing the engineers" rather than controlling them. This ensures that best practices are used on every single project.

We have full state-of-the-art FEM and CFD calculation abilities for examining temperature distribution, applied stresses, structural dynamics and power consumption. The numerical calculations are compared with analytical calculations and verification tests carried out in our fully equipped laboratory. We measure all critical functions and use virtually any media according to customer needs, either in specially designed test rigs or equipment supplied by the customer.